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How To Import a sitemap into Excel and update link list for marketing campaigns

We spent an entire day tryin got make this easy to use instead of theold method of keeping a list of URL’s generated from all of our sitempas. This works if you only have on sit ewith a few links but with mltiple sites and humdreds of pages and posts you need something more robust. We Imported all of our sitemaps into an Excel spreadsheet using the method found here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/import-xml-data-6eca3906-d6c9-4f0d-b911-c736da817fa4#_showdevelopertab Basically you just import each of your sitemaps and it createsa table in your spreadsheet. You canalso update these table pretty easily by going to the data tab in Excel and pressing refresh all

After we did this we had lots of duplicates and hundreds of links all spread out over the spreadsheet. So we needed a way to remove any duplicates and put all of the info int usable lists. This took forever to find an easy method to fid all instances of https in a spreasheet and then output the contents of those cels to a list. the answer was found here, i guess ishould say the easiest answer.

Some of the suggested methods were very advanced, this method just finds each instance of “https” and then out puts the contents of the cell it was fund in giving us a list of all of our links, but were not done yet now taht we have on e compltete full list we had to filter it so the duplicates and empty spaces would go away so we could copy out the contents and use it in our campaigns. so to do that just highlight the newlist so go to data tab find search and filter advanced and filter the list in place. Worked like a charm. I will upload a copy of our spreadhseet for thos yof you that would liketo Import your sitemaps into excel spreadhseet and then generate a link URL list for internet markeeting campaigsn or analytis purposes.

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